Garbage Disposal Project – Municipal Waste Selection Devices

As the plastic, rubber products consumption increasing, waste plastic and rubber. The waste plastics mainly is plastic film, plastic yarn and fabric, foam, plastic packaging and containers, daily plastic products, plastic bags, agricultural film and so on. With the development of automobile industry, discarded tires increased more and more, when these waste storage, transportation, processing and handling, if not deal with well will damage the environment and harm to people’s health.

We have developed whole set of urban waste equipment, with perfect plastic recycling equipment, which is currently the most advanced garbage selection equipment in China.

Processing method of this set of equipment:
After shipped the waste to the raw yard, through the conveyor belt into the separator, the raw materials can be sorted by the internal anti-winding system, crushing systems, separation systems, etc. Then sending into dryer to remove the water and rolling into a sieve cylinder gear for further impurities segregating, finally after cleavage cracking process equipment, more than 60% efficiency can be achieved then renewable energy ultimately.

Garbage Disposal Project – Municipal Waste Selection Devices

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